Repair or Replacement for Sash Windows

If you have a home or building that has historic sash windows as part of them, you are probably already aware of the value that they add both financially and historically.

In fact, many larger windows might take up as much as 30 percent or even more of the exterior and interior parts of your home.

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When it comes to caring for your sash windows it is important that you maintain them so that they continue to beautify your home both inside and out. If your old sash windows are in need of repairs you may be considering replacing them instead of repairing them, which could be a very costly process when considering your options.

sash windows designsSash window renovations might be expensive when compared to some of your replacement options, but seeking several estimates from professionals who can properly evaluate your windows so you can receive accurate prices might not be as costly as you might expect. When you are considering your contractor, make sure they have experience in renovating sash windows.

You could ask them for references so you can either contact or go by and see their work for yourself. True sash frame renovations should be of importance for you because of the beauty and value that they can bring to your home. When you are talking with a sales representative, make sure they are not just trying to sell you replacement windows, but that they are seriously taking into account that your old windows can and should be restored if possible.

When talking with perspective contractors about styles and prices you need to make a strong emphasis on the fact that you want to keep the sash windows in your home looking as original as possible. Whether you are choosing a renovation process or a total replacement.

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If they are beyond repair, you should only consider replacing them with new sash windows. In some places this is required due to the history of the area and to preserve the history of the other homes around the area.

By replacing your old ones with new ones you will be better off from both a historical standpoint and a financial standpoint if you ever decide to sell your home or need to get some home equity out of the property.

Finding a professional company that can handle either a renovation job or a replacement job should be your best option because this way you know that they won’t be pushing for one specific job over another.

By replacing or renovating your windows you will not only be keeping a part of the rich historic tradition of the home or building the way it was when you bought it, you will also be staying en-pointe with the architectural structure of the home.

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