Conservatories: How Much Do They Cost?

Conservatories: How Much Do They Cost?

Prices for residential conservatories

Price ranges for conservatories are difficult to get really accurate, especially if you are looking for some sort of idea early on n the process and that’s why something like an online guide for conservatory prices will come in handy.

Conservatories: How Much Do They Cost?However, once you get looking, you should have an idea of what type of conservatory you want to get prices for as there are quite a few:

  1. Lean-to
  2. Victorian
  3. Edwardian
  4. Georgian
  5. Pavilion
  6. Gable
  7. T-shape
  8. P-shape
  9. L-shape
  10. Gull-wing

Conservatories: How Much Do They Cost?plus variations on those designs that would be classed as “bespoke” and not forgetting Orangeries, which are grander versions of a conservatory.

If you want a compact room that is value for money, you could look at Lean-to designs.

Square or rectangular medium sized roms would be Edwardian, Georgian, Gable & pavilion.

Bespoke conservatories would be P,T or L-shaped rooms.

Victorian conservatory styles are more of a roundish shape.